Thursday, August 1, 2013

Drawing and Painting with Ink Quiz

Number your paper one through twenty. 
Select the artist or technique that best corresponds with each image.
Write the corresponding letter, artists name or technique by each number

B. rembrandt

D. hatching

A. ink wash

B. vincent van gogh

D. hatching

A. cross hatching

A. cross hatching


C. sumi ink

B. hokusai

C. vincent van gogh

C. marlene dumas


C. gesture
D. all of the above

B. hatching

D. Paul Klee

A. wax resist

D. ink wash

C. gesture


D. Chuck Close


C. salt technique

D. antoni tapies
E. all of the above

C. gesture

E. all of the above

C. gesture

E. all of the above


E. (A) ink wash and (D) victor hugo


D. all of the above (marlene dumas, wax resist and ink wash)

C. leonardo da vinci

C. marlene dumas
D. (A) and (C)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Studio Notes / Portfolio Review

Select appointment times for Portfolio Review on Thursday.

Critique Children's story boards and set of 4 watercolor spreads.

Continue to prepare for portfolio review

Portfolio Review Appointments / Thursday, May 3
11:30 Cindy H.
11:45 Anne Tyler
12:00 Lora W
12:15 Ashley L
12:30 Bailey E
12:45 Amber M
1:00 Frankie G
1:15 Torie D
1:30 Betty M

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Studio Notes / Crit

Review progress of children's book illustrations.

Show and tell at each student's work station of entire series and plan for integrating text

Use class time for working in computer lab / experimenting with techniques and text options.

Homework: Complete series of four watercolor illustrations for critique in class at 12 noon.
In addition, bring all previous watercolors from earlier this term in order to prepare for portfolio review.
Remember to list all techniques you've used for each watercolor on the back left corner of each image, along with your name.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Studio Notes

review and document progress of children's book illustrations

listen to libravox recordings of children's stories

homework focus on the addition of ink and text options for your sequence of illustrations. Be prepared to present your series and get feedback from the class.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Studio Notes

Visit this link to learn more about this artist.

review first two spreads of your watercolor and ink book illustrations

discuss techniques you plan to use, layout and binding considerations

continue to develop watercolors in class today.

listen to The Nightingale and The Mermaid

show and tell: student progress

homework goals: continue to develop your first two spread and complete the drawings / layout for the last two spreads for consultation at beginning of class on Tuesday. All text should be laid out in pencil. To best determine text options xerox your watercolors and experiment with the placement and style of your text. Bring all experiments to class for credit.

Visit this link to learn more about this artist.

Amy Lehrman

Visit this link for a directory of Children's Book Illustrations.